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Lindy Hop - Beginner/Intermediate

Sugarspin equivalent: Sugarbeats & Lollipops

You are no longer an absolute beginner and you start feeling comfortable on the social dance floor. You’ve been taking classes for at least 4 months and up to a year. You’re familiar with 6 & 8-counts, lead/follow-goes, Lindy circle, Charleston basics, and possibly the swingout. This may be your first Lindy Hop weekend event.

Lindy Hop - Intermediate

Sugarspin equivalent: Cotton Candies & Marshmallows

After Lindy hopping for more than 1-2 years, dancing is starting to become a bigger part of your life. You are found on the social dance floor regularly and have likely been to one or more Lindy Hop weekend events. Both slow and medium tempos feel comfortable. A decent amount of figures are familiar to you and you are exploring connection, styling, musicality and rhythm variations. The swing out is no problem for you.

Thanks to the cool cats at Swingdom for gracefully lending us their level descriptions ♥


Lindy Hop - Advanced


Sugarspin equivalent: Marshmallows & teachers


You are starting to develop your own individual style and experimenting with it and with rhythms. The language of rhythm is spoken fluently. You are dancing about four or more years now, so slow and fast tempos are no problem for you, as well as basic improvisation and solo jazz. No social goes unattended and you have been to many workshops and international Lindy hop festivals.

Solo jazz add on - Beginner/Intermediate


Sugarspin equivalent: At least one season of solo jazz


You are comfortable with the basic authentic jazz steps, such as Shorty George, Suzie-Q, Tackie Annie and Apple Jacks. Classic routines such as the Shim Sham, Mama's Stew and perhaps the basics of Tranky Doo and the Big Apple are familiar to you. You are starting to improvise and you are eager to push your Solo dancing to the next level. This add-on consists of 2 Solo Jazz classes at intermediate level that can be added to create a Lindy+Solo track. This add-on is available to ALL Lindy tracks.




Full Lindy Pass (ca 4hrs of classes): €165
Solo Jazz add-on (ca 2hrs of classes): €35
Walking tour: Free
Masterclass: Price TBA (This class is INCLUDED in the Full Lindy Pass)
Farewell Dance on Sunday: Price TBA (This is INCLUDED in the Full Lindy Pass)

No party passes YET.

Before registering, please check our Terms and Conditions

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