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Sugarville Walking Tour

by Free Tours Groningen


In a little under two hours we will explore part of the town centre. You will learn about the city of Groningen: some history, a little street art, a bit of local culture. And for this tour especially we'll focus on themes like Freedom, Music, and... Sugar! At the end of the walk there will be a chance to dance!

Attendees of Sugarville will receive a questionaire with registration form for the walking tour by mail - so keep an eye on those inboxes!

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Workshops & Sunday tea dance:

Muziek Organisatie Noord

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Muziekorgganisatie Noord has been established to provide the music scene in Groningen all it could need; practice spaces for bands, orchestras and choirs, a recording studio, a cafe with a podium and more...all under one roof. In addition, the organisation is setting up projects like schoolband-battles, a fund for starting music groups - and an initiative for promoting social connection through music. As dancers we are quite aware of the potential for connection through music, so let's make Sugarville a shining example!

Parties (Friday/Saturday):

Der Aa Theater


The Der Aa Theater is not your average theater. Where the outside building hails from the 1920s, the interior has been specifically focussed on theatre- and music performances in 'Grunnings' - the local dialect of which the inhabitants of this city were proud speakers. As Groningen became home to more and more languages, the 'Der Aa Theater' doors have opened to all forms of cultural expression. And during Sugarville it's time for swing to make a grand entrance!

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