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Joseph Sewell Charlotte Middlemiss
Joseph Sewell Charlotte Middlemiss

YES! It's happening again. Sugarspin is organising another swing weekend event in 2023! And guess what? Joseph & Charlotte will be BACK! Mark the date in your calender and subscribe to the Facebook event for additional updates in the coming weeks/months.

Initial info
(to be expanded)

What to expect
A weekend full of Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz classes, parties with live music, and more stuff which we're really excited to plan and work out!

The teachers
Joseph & Charlotte (UK)
More to be announced

The bands
Reverent Juke (Be) - Saturday Party

More to be announced

The place
Groningen, Netherlands is a dynamic student town of 220,000. It's two hours by train from Amsterdam, and home to Sugarspin, the biggest Lindy Hop association of the city.

The dates
Friday 9 June to Sunday 11 June, 2023

The cost
All your Lindy Hop energy! And some cash, but that amount is still to be determined :)

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