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Charlotte Middlemiss - Sewell

Lifelong dancer Charlotte has over a decade of experience in sharing her Swing expertise at festivals, competitions and in her countless media appearances. With professional training in sports therapy and inspired by ‘old timers’ such as Norma Miller, she is especially passionate about lifting up the versatility and creativity of followers. Sugarville is privileged to have her rock our world! Read more about Charlotte here:

Joseph Sewell

Having learnt from some of the original 1930’s dancers such as Frankie Manning and the Queen of Swing, Joseph is one of the world’s leading swing dance teachers, choreographers and performers, with numerous appearances on tv, in movies and on stages around the globe. We are ready to embrace his STAR philosophy-- Style, Techniques And Rhythm--, and to listen as he brings Swing history to life at Sugarville! Read more about Joseph here:

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Chester Whitmore

Barbara Billups


Theme class teachers

Chester Whitmore is an International Dancer, Musician, Orchestra Leader, Choreographer, Comedian, Historian, a global master of Tap, Jazz and all round entertainer having been taught by the famous Nicholas Brothers (stormy weather) and John Bubbles. He’s choreographed for movies such as “La La Land’, “Boys to Men”, ‘Fame’ and worked with MC Hammer, Michael and Janet Jackson, Jackie Chan, Prince, Usher as well as the great jazz legends such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Miles Davies, Savion Glover and many more greats.

Barbara Billups was a dancer at the famous Savoy Ballroom, NY, home to Frankie and Norma Miller et al, brought into dancing by the Savoy Ballroom Dancer George Sullivan. She is one of the last of the Savoy Ballroom legends. She won the Harvest Moon Ball Competition in the 1950’s with her then swing dance partner Sonny Allen, where she was also a member of the his dance group, ‘Sonny Allen and the Rockets dance troupe’ and travelled all over the USA to perform. She also met Sugar Sullivan, at the Savoy Ballroom in the 1950’s who was to become her life long friend. These days Barbara is so excited to share her knowledge in Lindy Hop and Jazz dance around the world.

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This quintet plays the real swing from the period between the 20’s and 50’s. The biggest inspiration is the repertoire of the marvellous ballrooms of the thirties, as for example the savoy ballroom in New York. Hop – sh- Bam plays tunes on which Lindy Hop dancers could go crazy. The quintet plays the beautiful standards of the swing –era, and also some tunes of the exciting bigband period, or even some tunes of the new Orleans repertoire, more Charleston inspired. As the bandleader, Marie – Anne, is a swing dancer herself, she knows how to put an inspiring and diverse setlist together! She adapts to what’s happening on the dancefloor ... Let’s call it: an excellent band, full of energy, with a big focus on the pure art of swing music. Nice to listen to, nice to dance to, ... and move and groove to!

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