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Here you'll find introductions of your teachers and the board, as well as the contact info for your confidential advisors.



The foundation of Sugarspin. Without teachers, few of us would know how to dance the Lindy Hop. We have an amazing bunch of them. Some were there at the inception of Sugarspin, others have recently taken their involvement with Sugarspin to a level at which they themselves have become teachers!
Vera Sugarspin


Vera caught the Lindy bug in Copenhagen in the summer of 2014. She has taken part in workshops and exchanges in Spain, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, England and Iceland. She accepted a job at RUG and moved to Groningen in August 2015. When she discovered that Groningen was still a blank spot on the Lindy map of the world, she started a Facebook group “Lindy Hop in Groningen” in December 2015, from which Sugarspin has since evolved. Thanks to Sugarspin, Mondays are her favourite night of the week, even if it means that she now has to be a teacher even in her free time. May the bounce be with you!

Sugarspin Sander


Sander started dancing when the scene started in Nijmegen in the spring of 2014. He fell in love with the dance straight away and often takes the opportunity to dance at festivals in other countries all over Europe. He was happy to run into Vera and Sanne, who wanted to start a dance scene in Groningen, after he had found a new job there. He loves the music, teaching and really connecting with a dance partner. Did you know: When he’s not dancing, he plays with very expensive instruments?

Sugarspin Merel


Merel first saw Lindy Hop at the Breda Jazz Festival, wishing she could dance like that and participate. In Groningen, she saw the same happy faces with that infectious swing music. This was her chance!  Merel dove into Lindy Hop like a maniac and bugged her fellow hoppers to teach her everything. She loves following classes as a lead/switch and loves the surprises when dancing as a follow. The feeling of connecting on the dance floor is like taking the perfect bath, while hugging your best friends and popping off on the most awesome party ever! Did you know: She was a licenced tuk-tuk driver in Myanmar.

Sugarspin Lineke


Lineke started Lindy Hopping in January 2017, right here at Sugarspin. She has a history of ballroom dancing, but from the very first few minutes of her very first open lesson Lindy Hop turned its spell on her. Putting Lindy Hop into words is impossible, but if she can try, she’d use “freedom”, “joy” and “utter happiness”. She grabs every opportunity to attend Lindy Hop festivals and you’re likely to find her at some edition of Swingdom or Smokey Feet. Lineke dances and teaches both as lead and as follow, so be sure to ask her to dance when you see her! Did you know: She’s an on-and-off proper Dungeon Master!

Sugarspin Wytse


After a brief jaunt into Boogie Woogie, Wytse found that Lindy Hop was his proverbial jam. The energetic music, endless opportunities for improvisation and general silliness have kept him with Sugarspin for almost 5 years. He’d strongly recommend you to get your butt to one of Sugarspins’ parties, where dancing- ánd watching other people dance is equally spellbinding. Did you know: Wytse is a primary school teacher. If he tries giving you a sticker in class; you’ve done something right.

Sugarspin Vincent


Vincent started his dance career dancing ballroom. After about eight years he had to stop due to a knee injury. But not dancing turned out to be impossible in the long run. And when in 2016 he met some old friends dancing Boogie Woogie in the streets of Groningen, he couldn’t help it and caught the Swing bug. Soon after starting with Boogie at Let’s Swing he also picked up this thing called the Lindy Hop and discovered Sugarspin. He loves “Just dancing”, feeling the music and being in the moment together with his dance partner.

Sugarspin Aline


Aline started hopping in 2016 during a semester abroad in York. Having soon caught the Lindy bug, she joined Sugarspin in 2017 when she returned to Groningen and has taken lessons there ever since, as well as joining festivals such as Swingdom and Harbour Hop. Now she can’t stop swinging, listening to big band music all day, and expanding her wardrobe with those nice vintage finds for the perfect dance outfit! Did you know: Aline is doing a PhD in medieval poetry!

Sugarspin Sven


Sven started dancing in 2011 when he got hooked on Boogie Woogie dancing. A couple of years later he added Lindy hop to his repertoire. He has been teaching these dances since 2013 and it never seizes to amaze him how much joy dancing brings. In his teaching he really values the fundamentals; as these continually lift the ease, clarity and dynamics of dancing.

Sugarspin Anneke


Anneke joined the September Sugarbeats in 2017 and has ever since been part of an active core of Sugarspinners, among others raising the lindy social scene in Groningen in the first Social Committee. As a teacher, flow and interaction are important pillars to her. As a dancer, that would be playfulness. Did you know: Anneke is into anime and can speak basic Japanese.

Sugarspin Arsalan


Arsalan is kind of crazy. The good kind. It took almost two years since starting Lindy Hop at Sugarspin in January 2017 for him to go to his first big festival, Lindy Shock in Budapest. But whenever he was on holiday, he’d look up the local Lindy scene such as in Stockholm, Granada, Hamburg, and his favourite in Zagreb. Arsalan loves to be playful! Did you know: He’s found a recent love for fresh figs. That’s right.

Sugarspin Marieke


Marieke is a vibrantly passionate individual who brings the joy of movement to her students. With a happy presence and infectious energy, she imparts not only technical skills but also a deep appreciation for the art of dance.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-11 at 20.53_edited.jpg


Alex's dance journey kicked off in 2014 with Boogie Woogie. A few months after starting, as a joke, he tried to enter a dance competition. It didn't go well the first time, but later his dance excitement brought him national titles in France and Austria, quillifying him for world championships. In 2023, Alex moved to Groningen to start a job at RUG. Inspired by the local lindy hop scene, he decided to step away from competitions and discover the world of lindy hop and social dancing.

Sugarspin John


John started dancing Lindy Hop in 2017 after a colleague of him convinced him to try it out. Two weeks after his first dancing class, he attended one of the biggest events in the country, SwingDom in Utrecht. John never stopped dancing since then. He frequently participates in international events and is currently discovering other Swing dances such as Balboa. Though recently away on a journey, John is back with móre dancing knowledge - and móre gruelling lessons :) Did you know: He is a scientist and he also dances Latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata and Merengue.



Dorieke started dancing Lindy Hop in Groningen in 2018, and immediately fell in love with the music and with the playfulness of the dance. It didn't take long for her to broaden her jazz & swing dance horizon and now she's into Blues, Balboa and Solo Jazz as well! She started teaching Lindy Hop at Sugarspin in spring 2023. Did you know: Dorieke has been dancing since she was a kindergartener, starting out with classical ballet when she was 5!

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-17 at 20.57_edited.jpg


Zoë didn’t take her first dance class until she was 22 years old! Her dancing journey started at Sugarspin in 2019. After her first Lindy Hop class, she only wanted to dance more. She started dancing Boogie Woogie, Salsa and took some solo jazz and blues classes. She loves the dancing scene full of lovely people and the feeling of happiness after a night of dancing :) Did you know: Zoë once laughed so hard, champagne came out of her nose. She likes to believe what Charlie Chaplin said: a day without laughter is a day wasted



As a kid, I loved playing around with moves and choreographies I saw online or on music channels. Dancing has always been a breath of fresh air for me. But I’d never taken any classes until 2019, when my lovely friend insisted I joined her to an open class at Sugarspin. I had never heard of Lindy Hop until then, but it was love at first sight. The more I danced it, learned about it and its rich, inspiring history, the greater my love grew. The connections that take place, the way the music drives the moves and the joy that you can feel at any Lindy party is something everyone should experience at least once :)

Confidential advisers

If you don’t feel comfortable with some part of the lessons, or something doesn’t feel right within the Sugarspin community, then contact our confidential advisers. These people will provide a listening ear and - if necessary and desired - will look for possible solutions together with you. Everything will be dealt with privately and confidentially. Don’t hesitate to talk to them, or send them an e-mail.

rug_ses_jan2023_026-  Ronald Zijlstra (1)_edited.jpg


During my first Lindyhop Social, I was very happily surprised by the kind, open and welcoming atmosphere of Lindyhop in general and Sugarspin in particular. As a confidential advisor, I am here to help you maintain or achieve that same feeling I had and still have, and I hope to be able to cherish, maintain and improve the wonderful scene here in Groningen.


Contact me



Feija has been dancing with Sugarspin for many years, as well as helping the board with financial overviews. If you need someone to talk to about an issue regarding Sugarspin or otherwise, please send her a message.

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The Board

The dedicated folks that keep the Sugarspin ship on its course.

Want to help us out - and shape the future of Sugarspin? Get in touch with us at 




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