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Looking to learn the Lindy Hop? Total beginner or advanced, we have you covered. You don't need a set partner since we rotate partners in class.

We start a new course twice a year. Below you'll find information on the current course. The next one starts September 2023 - with registrations opening somewhere in August. To keep up to date, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Hope to see you then!


Levels / Classes


Level 1

You’re a beginner and want to experience this dance! With the Sugarbeats you’ll learn the fundamentals of Lindy Hop: connection, differences between six- and eight-count moves, and basic steps towards your first Swingouts. We’ll also take you along with us to your first social dance! During this course you can expect: • Six-count moves such as the send-out, pass-by and tuck-turn • Eight-count moves such as the promenade and lindy circle • Floor craft: How to dance in tight spaces • The Charleston: how to keep dancing when music is really fast!


Level 2

You’ve finished the Sugarbeats and feel like digging deeper into the dance. The Lollipops-course will help improve your basics and treat you to a lot of new moves and techniques. If you want to focus on your basics before moving on to the Cotton Candies you can take this class a second time. During this course you can expect: • Lindy Hop’s signature move: the swingout • Techniques such as: frame, compression and momentum • Learn how to do pop-turns and other spins & turns • Charleston tandem

Cotton Candies

Level 3

This level will feature rotating content and is thus suitable to be taken multiple times. Your basics are clean and your triple-steps are spot on. You can effortlessly lead or follow a promenade, lindy circle and Charleston hand-to-hand. You want to work on your technique and connection as well as expand your lindy vocabulary. During this course you can expect to: • Learn some intermediate figures that go beyond standard six or eight count moves; • Focus more on social dancing, • Perfect your swingout and learn variations; • Gently speed up your Charleston dancing.


Level 4

For those who've taken their dancing, technique and motivation to the highest level with us. This level requires you to be present regularly in order to keep up - and will feature rotating content and is thus suitable to be taken multiple times. You are ready to learn more advanced moves, but you also realise that you’ll need to continue working on the core moves to hone your fundamentals. You know how to effortlessly lead or follow swingouts, Charleston in tandem and fast Lindy Hop. You are starting to use rhythm variations in your footwork and know how to use connection to dance beyond just the basic figures. During this course you work on: • Obtaining a deeper understanding of the principles of the dance (nerd out!) • Blending Charleston and Lindy • Perfecting your fundamentals • Learning rhythm and figure variations

Solo Jazz

Mixed level

For all levels we offer a solo jazz-course. In these lessons, we will work on solo dancing, improvisation and building our own routines! Solo Jazz is great for improving your Lindy Hop: you’ll get more comfortable in improvising while spicing up your Lindy Hop - and it is very good for practicing body control. You can sign up for the Solo Jazz lessons without an extra fee. Since we will work on routines over multiple lessons, it's important for you to try and attend every lesson.



Big Room
Small Room
Wiggle Room
19:00 - 20:00
Sugarbeats (L1)
Marshmellows (L4)
Solo Jazz
20:00 - 20:45
Social Dance
20:45 - 21:45
Cotton Candies (L3)
Lollipops (L2)

Cost & Registration

# of lessons
Lindy Hop (all)
Ca. 20
Solo Jazz
Ca. 20

You'll find the registration button on the top right. When registrations are open, the button will take you to the registration form.

Membership (€120,-)

At Sugarspin you don't pay per class. You pay a membership fee. Once you're a member, you have the right to take any class as long as there's sufficient space and the lead/follow balance allows for it. You can take 1 or 2 classes, at no extra cost. The current membership fee is €120,-. Membership lasts for the duration of one block of ca. 20 weekly lessons, spread over ca. 5 months.

Location : Travertijnstraat 6, Groningen

House rules

  • Be on time for your lesson. Your teachers and fellow students will appreciate it.

  • Park your car on the road / bycicle near the entrance so we don't hinder the residents of the building.

  • Wear dancing shoes with light-coloured soles so you don't leave skidmarks.

  • Bring a water bottle so we don't have to use the cups in the kitchen. If you do need to use the cups: clean up after yourself.

  • Bring a small towel or 2nd shirt in case things get hot (they sometimes will).

  • Ask teachers before opening windows. People living upstairs are thankful if we somewhat contain our (rather fantastic) music.

  • Always be excellent to each other.

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